vLEI Official Organization Role (OOR) Credentials

The Official Organization Role (OOR) Credential, integral to the vLEI (Verifiable Legal Entity Identifier) system, is designed to authenticate and establish the digital identity of individuals holding official positions within an organization. It plays a vital role in enhancing the transparency and authenticity of digital interactions in the corporate realm.1

Purpose and Functionality:
OOR Credentials digitally link individuals to specific, formal organizational roles, such as CEO, CFO, or Board Member. This is crucial for validating an individual’s authority in activities like contract signing, official statements, or legal and financial transactions on behalf of the organization.

Issuance and Management:
Under the oversight of GLEIF, authorized entities issue OOR Credentials following rigorous verification of an individual’s role and association with the organization. The management keeps current records of roles and identities linked to each LEI and updates credentials as roles change.


  • Enhanced Trust: OOR Credentials provide a verifiable link between individuals and their organizational roles, boosting the trustworthiness of digital interactions.
  • Risk Mitigation: These credentials are instrumental in reducing risks related to identity fraud and unauthorized corporate representation.
  • Operational Efficiency: They streamline identity verification processes, economizing on time and resources for due diligence.

Integration with Digital Systems:
Designed for seamless integration into various digital platforms, OOR Credentials facilitate efficient identity and role verification in digital transactions, particularly vital in finance, law, and international trade.

Technological Foundation and Interoperability:
OOR Credentials, supported by robust technologies like the Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI) protocol, ensure enhanced security and reliability. Their design provides interoperability within the broader vLEI ecosystem, enabling seamless integration with different digital platforms and distributed ledger technologies.

Future Developments:
As the vLEI ecosystem evolves, OOR Credentials are expected to incorporate advanced features like blockchain and AI integration, enhancing system security and operational efficiency.

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