vLEI Engagement Context Role (ECR) Credentials

The Engagement Context Role (ECR) Credential is a crucial component of the vLEI (Verifiable Legal Entity Identifier) ecosystem, acting as a flexible, dynamic framework for defining individual roles in specific business contexts. Distinct from the Official Organization Role (OOR) Credential, which represents formal, official positions, ECR Credentials are tailored for roles defined by particular engagements or interactions, such as project-based assignments, temporary roles, or specific business relationships (e.g., partnerships, client relationships, supplier associations).1

Purpose and Functionality:
ECR Credentials, Verifiable Credentials, are instrumental in defining and verifying context-specific roles rather than permanent ones. This adaptability is critical in consulting or IT services scenarios, where roles are often project-specific and fluid.

Issuance and Management:
Under the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) supervision, a QVI issues ECR Credentials to reflect an individual’s role accurately. They are dynamic and capable of evolving with the engagement’s context, ensuring a current representation of the individual’s role.


  • Flexibility: ECR Credentials adapt to dynamic business structures, breaking free from traditional hierarchical constraints.
  • Clarity in Business Interactions: These credentials clarify roles in complex projects or partnerships, aiding in fluid or project-specific responsibilities.
  • Enhanced Trust: By providing a digitally verifiable representation of roles, ECR Credentials bolster trust and transparency in business dealings.

Integration with Digital Systems:
ECR Credentials are compatible with various digital platforms, enhancing their integration into business processes and contract management systems. This is especially beneficial in sectors with typical project-based or temporary roles.

Technological Underpinnings and Interoperability:
Supported by the Key Event Receipt Infrastructure (KERI) protocol, ECR Credentials offer enhanced security and reliability. Their design ensures interoperability within the vLEI ecosystem, allowing seamless integration with different digital platforms and distributed ledger technologies.

Compliance and Standardization:
The issuance of ECR Credentials adheres to global standards and is monitored within the vLEI governance framework, ensuring compliance and consistency.

Real-world Impact and Use Cases:
The implementation of ECR Credentials can be illustrated through case studies in various industries, showcasing their effectiveness in enhancing trust and efficiency in business transactions.

Future Developments:
ECR Credentials are poised to incorporate advanced features like smart contracts and AI-driven role assignment and verification, expanding their capabilities in the evolving digital landscape.

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